GFG Approach

Sustainability + STEM

Girls want to change the world. They find ways big and small to help their friends, families, and their local community. Introduced to global challenges like clean water, pollution, nutrition, and renewable energy, they want to act.

Sustainability is the intersection between protecting the environment, advancing society, and developing the economy. It is in this space that girls can act and act boldly.

A focus on sustainability when exploring science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) will give girls the foundation to find creative solutions to change their world.

Hands-on Experience + Engagement

Girls need the opportunity to tinker, experiment, explore, take apart, and rebuild. They need the space to wager a guess, test out a hypothesis, validate findings, make mistakes, and figure out a way to do it differently next time.

There is not enough opportunity to do this in their every day school and life and we want to change that with a roll up your sleeves, don your safety googles and lab coat kind of experience.


There is a significant gap in the STEM fields between women and men and there is a vast body of research out there hypothesizing why. Many bold and creative solutions are being implemented in elementary schools through C-level suites to close the gap. Girls for Good is one of those solutions focused on girls in their early learning years to inspire and engage them to change their world.